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The State of Illinois requires an eye examination for all students entering kindergarten. Many parents have already asked why such a law is in effect.  If a child has an undiagnosed eye problem, the effects  are life altering. Uncorrected prescriptions, muscle imbalances, Amblyopia (lazy eye), and visual processing  disorders can place a child behind from the start of school and beyond.  Children can be labeled with learning disabilities, behavioral  disorders, placed in the wrong classes, and not develop the right  attitudes toward school and learning.  Additionally, the fiscal cost of missed diagnoses for these children with visual problems is staggering.

An examination in our office will be a very pleasant introduction to eye care.  The staff and Dr. Mourelatos and Dr. Kelly are very patient and understand the  apprehension many children have in any doctor’s office (especially after they have had the 5-year immunization shots from the pediatrician).  Our computerized equipment is very accurate on estimation of prescription, thus we have excellent prescription information even if  your child is not in a cooperative mood. We have children’s eye charts  with pictures and offer NO AIR-PUFF glaucoma measurement.

With their exam, each child will receive an raffle entry for a backpack full of school supplies.  This year features "Disney Adventure" and "Disney Princesses".


We will make your child’s first eye exam a very pleasant experience!

Click HERE for a copy of the State of Illinois Kindergarten Exam Form

Please print out this form and fill out the personal information prior to your appointment