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Contact Wearers-

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***Please note- our Online store does not work with insurance benefits.  If you wish to apply insurance benefits towards your lens purchase, please call during normal business hours.

Our office joined the Bausch & Lomb Lens Recycling Program to recycle contact lenses and their packaging.  Bring your contacts and packaging to the office or click below to find out more about the program.


For those interested in wearing Contact Lenses there are a staggering number of choices:

Soft Disposables- Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, and Single-Use Lenses, Astigmatism,  Bifocal, Monovision, Toric and lenses especially for Dry Eye

Rigid Gas Permeable- Daily Wear, Extended Wear, Toric, Back and Bi-Toric, Bifocal, and Monovision

Specialty Contacts- Keratoconic, Orthokeratology, Reverse Geometry, Scleral and Hybrid Lenses

These are just a few types of lenses. Don’t just head anywhere for your  contact lenses- they are medical devices that interact with your  physiology! Dr. Kelly is a contact lens expert who will fit and prescribe the best lens for your health and vision and special need, sport, or hobby.

If you are considering contact lenses for the first time, watch this terrific video on insertion and removal of soft lenses.  It will give you a great head start on your contact lens training.

For new wearers, we typically book 30 minute training appointments after your eye exam.  This is to instruct you in the proper insertion and removal techniques and proper care of your contacts. 

Spending the appropriate amount of time with our patients without rushing them helps create healthy contact lens wearing  habits for life!

Read our Contact Lens Training Policies

Newest Lenses Available Early!

Dr. Kelly was chosen by Johnson&Johnson to be one of only 300 Optometrists in the nation to clinically trial the Acuvue 1-Day Moist Multifocal AND the 1-Day Oasys for Astigmatism.   Training on this remarkable bifocal contact lens was done at Vistakon's headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.  Dr. Kelly's early use of this contact lens has given our practice tremendous success rates in fitting bifocal contacts.


Also, DuPage Family Eye Care was given early access to Acuvue's 1-Day Oasys daily disposable contact lens.  Dr. Kelly's commitment to the best in technology and comfortable lens wear for his patients allows our practice to provide the newest products.


Make an appointment today to try these remarkable products!